SwimCalc Converter

When entering a swimming gala with specific qualifying times, a swimmer must normally present times taken from a particular size pool e.g. 25m pool times or 50m pool times. Many swimmers may have swum the required distance and have a satisfactory time, but the time was taken in the wrong size pool. That's where conversion tables come in.

Conversion tables take into account that a swimmer can normally swim a certain distance in a smaller pool faster than in a larger pool. For example, a 200m swim in a 50m pool includes three turns, whereas in a 25m pool there are seven turning opportunities. Since a turn incorporates a push from the wall, seven pushes instead of three usually affect the duration of a swim by a few seconds.

The SwimCalc converter uses the Equivalent Performance Tables to convert a known swim time in a 25m pool into a time that can be accepted for qualification to a 50m event, and vice versa.

The Equivalence Tables produce conversions between a high time threshold and a low time threshold. For example, the 50m Freestyle converter can take a 25m time between 21.1 seconds and 44.5 seconds. The thresholds are set to include the vast majority of swimmers times. The SwimCalc convertor warns you if you try to convert a time outside of the recognised thresholds.

There are a number of clubs who already connect to the SwimCalc converter directly. This gives their swimmers the benefit of seeing how their times stack up against galas which are relevant to their club. If you want your club to link to SwimCalc in the same way, get your website manager to contact swimcalc@swimcalc.com. In the meantime you can visit the standard SwimCalc converter.